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Coming Soon - Bathroom Trouble - new hilarity from Nick Albanese and director Jimmy Caputo and his Blue Mist team! 


No matter how much trouble you're in, don't call Ma when she's making her gravy!!!


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Greenwood Lake Theater debut playing Clairee in Steel MagnoliasFive-and-a-half days of rehearsal, 2 weekends of performances — a dream 2-week gig!!!

Wonderful cast and crew, gorgeous lakeside location in the mountains surrounded by orchards in bloom—when can I go back?!?!

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My first New York City production, the world premiere of a new super dark comedy, Timmy, rehearsed for six weeks with playwright Megan Rivkin and director Mikes Sternfeld. 


Our opening night audience included Will Eno, David Henry Hwang and Lynne Nottage, who told Megan “It was funny!”


  • Born in New Hampshire, and raised in CT, MA, NJ, and IL.

  • Settled in New England in 1996, based in Providence, RI since 2006.


  • Her first film role, was the indie thriller Bad Dreams Come True. Bad dreams did come true at the premiere when a rookie projectionist burned the film! Litigation ensued and it was never distributed. Silver lining? Carol married the cameraman, so it wasn't all bad!


  • Carol went back to stage work for decades, performing across New England and the Midwest while also serving as costume designer in many locations, and working day jobs as an education and arts administrator.


  • In summer of 2022 she fought off Covid-19 and appeared in three short films. One of these, Mrs. Halloway, features Carol as comic relief in the role of the incredibly innocent Connie Parker. Mrs. Halloway won the 2022  SENE Festival Audience Choice Award for Horror Shorts!

  • More recently she filmed some great roles in Mattress Express and Magpie Optical.

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